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Your Life, Your Choice, Your Way

Providing You with Care & Support since 1996.

Providing You with Care & Support since 1996.


Company Policy

Compass provides a service to people to enable them to maintain as independent a

lifestyle as possible within their home and local community.

Compass was established in 1996 as a Company limited by guarantee and is a not for
profit organisation. The Company provides support services for all levels of support
including a 24-hour services for clients in Caerphilly, Powys, Wrexham and Flintshire.


Company Principles

These principles are central to the service that we all provide. Each level of staff has their role to play and these principles form the responsibility of the Directors of the Company.


Supporting  Principles

Staff are always visitors in the persons home this is the underlying principle that guides all our values, practices and staff training.


Staff Principles

Compass value their staff and know without them they would not be able to provide the high-quality service that they do. The Company has put incentives and processes in place to ensure that staff feel valued at work.

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