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Caerphilly & Powys

Compass are fully committed to providing all our clients, with the highest quality of service possible and always welcome any comment or suggestion that may give us the opportunity to take a fresh look at the way we deliver our services. The individual clients meetings are a means of identifying our clients’ satisfaction with the level of service they receive, empowering them to exercise choices, discussing their individual concerns and dealing with these swiftly and to their satisfaction in a format and or language that is acceptable to them.  All clients, representatives and staff can access the procedure by requesting a copy from the office. The client must be assured that we will not stop any service they are receiving because they have complained. Compass recognises, at the same time, that every client, their representative, family or friends have the right to express their concerns, verbally or in writing, if they are not fully satisfied with the service they receive or the manner in which they receive it. We welcome feedback, positive and negative, and are prepared to address all concerns in a professional, systematic and satisfactory manner, as well as to learn from them.

Please contact us through one of the forms below, for either the Caerphilly & Powys branch or the North Wales branch.

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North Wales

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