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Domiciliary Care

Providing You with Care & Support since 1996.

About the Service Provided

Range of Clients Receiving the Service

The Company train their staff to have skills in a range of individual needs. Our main focus is on people with a learning disability that may be elderly, physically disabled or have a mental health or social behavioural disability, this may also cover additional health needs including epilepsy, eating and drinking restrictions that may include peg feeding and ASD (Autism) covering communication and social interaction.  Over the years our expertise has grown, and our staff have the skills to work with people who do not have a learning disability but do fall into one of the categories mentioned.  We carry out an assessment on personal outcomes, individual health & wellbeing and also complete a general information form to ensure that we have all the required information.  Not all individuals will require both the personal outcomes and health & wellbeing assessment.  On completion of any of the assessments we identify training requirements and source the staff training from our internal training department or externally if we do not have the skills within that area. The assessments also cover the individual’s choice, risk factors and good practice support to ensure that the delivery of service is consistent and in line with the individual’ choice and preference.


Our services cover;

Physical health

  • Personal support needs

  • Healthy diet

  • Sensory impairment

  • On-going medical conditions, i.e. dysphasia, epilepsy and autism

  • Health appointments



  • Transfers

  • Equipment (this may be using hoists and tracking)

  • Walking aids

  • Manual handling requirements

  • Accessing the community

  • Vehicle use and assessments

  • Accessing public transport


Personal support & wellbeing

  • Bathing & showering

  • Eating & drinking

  • Daily routines



  • Sensory impairment in relation to smell, touch, taste, hearing & sight


Assistive technology

  • Aids for developing skills

  • Aids for maintaining and developing independence

  • Aids for maintaining and developing safety



Personal outcomes

Using the national outcomes as a guide, we assess and work with the individual to ensure that the appropriate level of support is provided to enable a personal outcome.  There may be other outcomes that they decide on and through discussion this would be planned for to ensure that everyone is able to achieve independence to the best of their ability. 


We offer our services to people with any sexual orientation from the age of 18 and over.


We provide services to individuals either via the tender process with Social Services or by a private arrangement.  Our main services are within supported living and as we pride ourselves on delivering services to individuals within their own home, this may mean that changes to the individuals may change and require us to be flexible and adaptable in relation to the care and support requirements.  We always reassess clients’ needs when changes occur to ensure that we can and are the best placed organisation to continue providing the service. 

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