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Client Finance

Providing You with Care & Support since 1996.

Financial management is an everyday challenge for all of us. The choices we make are personal in nature and different for each of us. At Compass, we are committed to advocating the ethos that each client has full control of their personal finances. Client finance offers a full support service to assist clients in managing their funds efficiently and within their own financial limits.

Our trained advisors provide a range of services including:

•  Opening bank accounts 
•  Setting up direct debits and standing orders
•  Financial benefit applications
•  Protection from financial abuse
•  Developing individual spending and saving plans matched to the clients own choices in areas such as:

•  Holidays
•  Clothing
•  Trips
•  Birthdays
•  Christmas

To safe guard against financial abuse clients personal expenditure and bank accounts are independently audited. Periodically a full report is prepared for clients detailing the results of the audit. At all times we are working within the guidelines and the code of practice as set out by the Mental Capacity Act. 

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