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Supporting You

Providing You with Care & Support since 1996.

Personal Outcomes

For a large majority of our clients we provide a total package of supported living. The add onto the support plan in this case is about life skills, enabling people to contribute to living in their own home and increase skills to become as independent as their disability allows.


The assessment concentrates on home and social skills and this information forms the starting point of the “personal outcomes support plan” enabling people to develop skills at their own pace and ability, all the time with small steps or large ones moving up to be more able and increase not only their ability but also their self-esteem.

The skills development plan will assess levels of independence to aspire to using the key Full - 50-50 -Minimal - Verbal - Independent so everyone has the opportunity to move forward.  Each skills development stage will look at the risks and how to minimise them whilst still enabling independence.  Some form part of our “Good Practice Guidelines” and others will be bespoke to the individual.

All plans are recorded individually to form a clear picture of how the support enabled the personal outcome to happen.

This information is in the house and available for the client to access.

Reviewing of the Service

At least annually we ensure that the service delivery assessment plan is reviewed, we like to carry this out in-line with the care plan review to ensure that all information is updated at the same time.  As part of the 6 weekly Service Manager meetings and the quarterly meetings completed by the responsible individual we review the service provision and document this in the clients file so that this can be implemented with immediate effect.  All clients are supported where required to have support to attend the meetings and invite families/representatives to attend and provide support.


Standard of Care and Support

Service Provision 

Compass provides a service that enables people of varying abilities to stay in their own home and be as independent as their disability allows them to be as a homemaker and a valued member of the community both locally and nationally.  The Domiciliary service is provided to people who live in their own homes or adults who live with their relative or long-term carer. The main aim of the service is to enable people to flourish in a safe and stimulating environment and be as independent as they can, enabling them to retain their self-worth.


The services range from:

  1. Personal support with health and hygiene.

  2. Support to live more independently at home.

  3. Support to live more independently both within the local community and further afield nationwide. In some cases, we provide holiday support abroad.

  4. Support with personal care including eating and drinking.

  5. Support with medication and health related problems.

  6. Support to enable clients to undertake housework, shopping, cooking and any other activity that maintains independent living skills at home.

  7. Support with maintaining a tenancy agreement.

  8. Support with developing and maintaining contact with families and friends.

  9. Support with planning activities and accessing leisure activities.

  10. Support to access health professionals.

  11. Support to undertake minor repairs or access skilled maintenance people.

  12. Support to develop independent living skills.

  13. Support with finance, budgeting and benefits.

  14. Support to maintain the security of the home.

  15. Support to find meaningful daytime activities.

  16. Support with identifying risks and how to reduce them.

  17. Support with maintaining health and safety in the home.

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